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Generic programming is very common and has different names (and features) in various programming languages; C++ provides Turing-Complete Templates, Java offers Generics (along with Ada, Eiffel, C#, and Visual Basic .Net), and Parametric Polymorphism is present in ML, Scala, and Haskell.

While I am generally pretty happy with what C++ has to offer, adopting some of the features offered by other mechanisms can come in handy sometimes. To be more specific, in this post we will mimic Java’s support for defining an upper bound for generic elements (i.e. List<T extends Comparable>).

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Using the initialization list is very much encouraged in C++, and rightfully so – it has many benefits. But what happens if one of your members fails at initialization and actually throws an exception? Even worse: what happens if that member’s constructor throws an exception not in your exception specification list?

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